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CONCERT- Japan began as an ERA-NET project during the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).


In January 2011, the CONCERT-Japan Project was launched with the general aim to further develop science and technology cooperation between Europe and Japan. With a formal membership of 13 partner funding institutions representing 9 different countries, the CONCERT-Japan project had the specific objective to conduct a Pilot Joint Call for research proposals, thereby enabling network-building, mutual learning and information exchange on the topic of science and technology policy.


6 Work Packages:

- WP1 : Data Gathering and Information Exchange on STI Cooperation

- WP2 : Joint Strategy for Coordinating STI Cooperation Programmes of European Countries with Japan

- WP3 : Preparing, Implementing and Assessing a Pilot Joint Call

- WP4 : Developing a Durable Programmatic Approach for Coordinated STI Cooperation

- WP5 : Communication, Dissemination, Public Relations and Dialogue

- WP6 : Project Management


Joint Calls

The first Joint Call was open between September and November 2012 in the two prioritised thematic areas of "Resilience against Disasters" and "Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution". 5 projects were selected for funding in the first thematic area, and 4 in the second one, for a duration of funding of 2 years. 14 funding agencies from 11 European countries took part in the Joint Call.

A second Joint Call was held between February and April 2014 in the field of “Photonic Manufacturing”, with 5 funding agencies from 5 European countries taking part in addition to JST. Following a process of joint evaluation, 4 projects were selected for funding.


Joint Workshops

Two joint workshops were also organized by CONCERT-Japan to bring together those funded projects in order to discuss and disseminate their progress, results and future prospects, as well as offering an opportunity for further networking and collaboration-building among participants. The first joint workshop on "Efficient Energy storage and distribution" took place in Jülich/Germany on 16-17 October 2014. The joint workshop on "Resilience against disasters" took place in Tokyo/Japan on 25 November 2014. 52 participants from Europe and Japan, including the funded researchers, CONCERT-Japan partners as well as observers, participated in the Resilience workshop.


Conclusion and continuation

At the end of the project a Strategy for a Durable STI Cooperation Programme was developed and a Conference for Facilitating STI Cooperation Programme was organized back-to-back to the Final Conference of the CONCERT-Japan project on 2nd December 2014 in İzmir, Turkey.