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Call for Online Experts Evaluators

by Sandrine - published on , updated on

Call for Online Experts Evaluators

Do you have experience in international cooperation in science and technology?

Are you interested in European-Japanese research cooperation?

The EIG CONCERT-Japan is looking for international, independent experts to participate in the evaluation of the Joint Call for Proposals on Food Crops and Biomass Production Technologies.


We are looking for experienced scientists and researchers interested in supporting the peer review of applications to be submitted in response to the ongoing EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call for Proposals.


Required skills:

- Skills and knowledge appropriate to the relevant scientific and technological field of the Joint Call.

- Appropriate English language skills.

- A proven experience in one or more of the following areas or activities: management or evaluation of S&T projects, international cooperation in S&T, use of the results of research and technological development projects, technology transfer and innovation.


Evaluation framework:

The period for the online evaluation of proposals is 15th August to 9th September 2016.

Proposals will be in English language and about 15-20 pages long.

Each evaluator will be attributed 4 to 5 proposals for evaluation, and each proposal is assessed by 2 evaluators.

The remuneration for each proposal is 50€.

Selected peer reviewers will receive access to an online evaluation system (PT-Outline) and to the respective documents, including a detailed guidelines. Evaluation will thus be done at distance, with no subsequent physical peer reviewers meeting at this stage.


Registration as an evaluator:

To become an evaluator for the EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call for Proposals, please fill in the form available below and send it with your CV to the Joint Call Secretariat:

Deadline to send your application:
Monday 8th August 2016

Online Evaluators Application