Project consortium & eligible budget

, by EIG CONCERT-Japan

Project consortium:


EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Calls are open to applications from:

- public and private legal RTD entities

- higher education institutions and non-university research establishments

- small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs)

- other kinds of organisations (the “beneficiaries”) depending on the individual national/regional regulations and restrictions of the participating funding institutions (see Part 2 of the call text).


How many?

Each project consortium submitting an application should consist of at least 3 eligible beneficiaries (project partners), one from Japan and two from two different European countries participating in the Joint Call. In addition, in consideration of the priority to spread research networks across Japan and the EU, projects with 4 or more partner countries will be given strong consideration. The number of beneficiaries in a project consortium should be appropriate for the aims of the research project and reasonably balanced in terms of multilateral participation. Applications should clearly demonstrate the added value of working together.

Each project consortium should choose two project leaders, one from the Japanese side and one from the European side. One of the two project leaders (the “principal project leader”) will be responsible for submitting the proposal on behalf of the whole consortium. Project leaders may participate in only one project proposal. Each beneficiary will be represented by one (and only one) Principal Investigator (PI) and this PI will be the contact person for the relevant national/regional funding organisation.

Researchers/research teams from countries/regions not participating in this EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call may participate as additional partners in a project consortium (after satisfying the minimum consortium criteria) if they can prove that they have secured funding from other sources that allows them to fulfil their obligations within the consortium. A confirmation letter from the external funding institution has to be submitted at the time of proposal submission.


Projects with ideas at an early stage with highly challenging goals based on unique concepts are highly encouraged.



Each funding agencies / governmental bodies will finance their research teams.

In general, eligible costs are:

- Research materials and small-scale research equipment

- Travel costs

- Expenses for the organisation of small scientific events

- Personnel costs

- Indirect costs

The eligibility of all costs for each applicant depends on the relevant national/regional regulations applied by each Joint Call funding institution and should be calculated accordingly (see Part 2 of the call text).

All project partners are advised to contact their National and Regional Contact Persons (see Part 3 of the call text) for further information on eligible costs and national and regional specifications.

Funding will be provided for the maximum duration of 3 years. The funding of projects should start in April 2019 and should be concluded by March 2022.