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Joint Call 2018

Joint Call 2018 : Opening !

CALL FOR PROJECTS 2018 - Opening !
The European Interest Group CONCERT-Japan is delighted to announce the opening of its 5th joint call for proposals on:
Functional Porous Materials From (...)

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Thematic area description

The ongoing call for projects focuses on :
Functional Porous Materials
In recent years, the degree of freedom in designing and controlling the composition and structure of substances and (...)

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Partnering Tool

A partnering webtool is available to help you find research partners among participants.
Please click here to access the PT-Partnering tool provided by DLR.
You will be asked to fill in your (...)

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Project consortium & eligible budget

Project consortium:
EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Calls are open to applications from:
public and private legal RTD entities
higher education institutions and non-university research (...)

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Proposal Submission

Proposals must be submitted through PT-Outline, the dedicated web platform:
Only one of the project leaders (the "Principal Project (...)

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Please find below the indicative timetable of the EIG CONCERT-Japan 5th Joint Call for Projects on the thematic area "Funtional Porous Materials":

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Criteria and scoring system
Scientific excellence
Sound research concept and quality of objectives
Ambition, innovative potential and uniqueness of the research idea
Scientific (...)

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Consortium agreement & reporting period

Consortium Agreement
Once their project has been selected, project partners of each consortium funded under the EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call will sign a Consortium Agreement, listing the rights (...)

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National/Regional contact persons

The Joint Call Secretariat is entrusted with the overall operational management of this Joint Call. It is the general contact point for questions related to the Joint Call, the application (...)

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