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EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Euraxess links Japan (...)

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Documents: Europe-Japan Cooperation

Roadmap for cooperation between Japan and the European Union (September 2014)

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Joint Call 2016 Documents

Reopening of the Joint Call: updated documents available for download
Additional documents for Turkish applicants only:

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Joint Call 2017 Documents

EIG CONCERT-Japan 4th joint call: Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution
Related documents
Please click here to download the additional documents for Turkish Applicants (...)

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Joint Call 2018 Documents

EIG CONCERT-Japan 5th joint call: Functional Porous Materials
Related documents

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Joint Call 2019 Documents

Below, documents related to the EIG CONCERT-Japan 6th Joint Call, Smart Water Management for Sustainable Society, are available.
The Joint Call Text and Annexes includes all the essential (...)

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