Call: Photonic Manufacturing

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Closed for submissions

The overall aim of this call is to support scientific research to further our understanding of the complex, multi-scale physical-chemical interactions between light and matter and their related photo-responsive processes, which will lead to the development of next generation materials, devices and photonic manufacturing technologies.

The application of photonics in manufacturing processes and infrastructures has already been a trigger for key innovations in many industries, including electronics and industrial manufacturing, semi-conductor production, micro-processing, automotive and aircraft construction and communications to name just a few. Lasers and other optical technologies provide high-precision, high-quality, efficient manufacturing solutions that are highly repeatable and low in cost, contributing significantly to the economic competitiveness of many industrialised countries.

Advancements in the field of photonics will undoubtedly further improve the performance of these processes and contribute significantly towards achieving the highest possible standards of future manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure. Furthermore, advancements in this field have the potential to lead to the creation of new advanced materials and new fields of research that will have numerous applications in shaping our future society.

How should project consortia be composed?

Each project consortium submitting an application should consist of at least 3 eligible beneficiaries (project partners), 1 from Japan and 2 from two different European countries participating in the Joint Call.

Partner Search Tool

In order to facilitate the process of forming research consortia, we offer applicants a Partner Search Tool – Partfinder available here: https://partfinder.ncbr.gov.pl/. This tool can be used by projects looking for partners and partners looking for projects.

Can researchers from other European institutions participate?

Researchers and research teams from other European institutions may participate as additional partners in a project consortium if they can prove that they have secured funding from other sources that allows them to fulfil their obligations within the consortium. A confirmation letter of the external sponsoring institution has to be submitted at the time of proposal submission.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, please contact the EIG Concert-Japan Program Secretariat, Ms. Lea Debraux, at concert-japan-jcs@cnrs.fr, or the National and Regional Contact Person for your country or region.

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