Precise Control of Nanoporous Materials in Multi-dimensional Morphology

© Marie-Paule PILENI/Nicolas GOUBET/ERC/CNRS Images
  • Prof. Jirí Cejka - Charles University - Czech Republic
  • Prof. Tatsuya Okubo - University of Tokyo - Japan
  • Prof. David Pedro Serrano Granados - IMDEA Energy Institute - Spain

Porous materials are widely used as catalysts and adsorbents, and are important materials for solving environmental and energy sustainable issues. In order to achieve excellent performance, it is essential to control the morphology of porous materials like nanoparticles and nanosheets. However, it is still difficult to design and control the defects and arrangement at the atomic level, and thus, sufficient performance and durability cannot be obtained.

This research project aims to achieve designable synthesis and performance improvement of porous materials with various morphologies by precise control at the atomic level. The Japanese group is an expert in synthesis and can synthesize various porous materials using their own technology. The Czech and Spanish groups, on the other hand, are capable of advanced structural/textural analysis and performing catalytic tests. The collaboration within this consortium will enable, for the first time, the precise control of the synthesis of novel porous catalysts at the atomic level and their exploration in catalysis. The relevant topic of plastic wastes conversion by chemical recycling has been selected to explore the performance of the catalysts.

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