, by Cerise

Criteria and scoring system


Scientific excellence

- Sound research concept and quality of objectives,

- Ambition, innovative potential and uniqueness of the research idea,

- Scientific track-record/potential of the partners (including publications in scientific journals),

- Scientific standing of the organisations the applicants belong to.


Impact of project results

- Impact of the project on the scientific field/community,

- Contribution to enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge,

- Expected exploitation and dissemination of the results.

- Added value of the multilateral project consortium



- Quality and effectiveness of the methodology,

- Feasibility of the work plan (in relation to governance, adequate budget, resources, time schedule),

- Collaborative interaction and complementarity of project partners,

- Expected sustainability of the collaboration,

- Interdisciplinary,

- Involvement of early stage researchers and gender balance.



A four step evaluation process will be implemented:


Eligibility check

The general eligibility criteria are:

- Appropriate length and layout of the proposal (maximum number of pages adhered to and use of template for the Project Description,

- Inclusion of all necessary information in English,

- Eligibility of all project partners (see Beneficiaries in the Eligibility section of the website),

- Participation of at least 3 partners (beneficiaries), from a minimum of two different eligible European countries and Japan,

- Eligible thematic focus,

- Eligibility of requested funding,

- Inclusion of a confirmation letter from the external sponsoring institution in case of additional partners that need to secure their own funding.

National/regional eligibility criteria of the participating funding institutions are given in the Call Text.


Online evaluation of proposals

Each proposal is assessed by at least two evaluators. Based on these online evaluations, a preliminary ranking list is prepared.


Meeting of the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is composed of high-level scientists nominated by the funding institutions participating in the Joint Call and is chaired by an independent chairperson. It will review the ranking list based on the online evaluations and recommend to the FOF a list of proposals to be funded. Evaluators who have already participated in the online evaluation cannot be nominated as a member of the Scientific Committee.


Meeting of the Funding Organisations Forum

The Funding Organisations Forum will take the final decision on the proposals to be funded on a consensus basis, based on the recommendations of the Scientific Committee. It will discuss and approve the recommended projects according to the ranking list and available budget.