Consortium agreement & reporting period

, by Cerise

Consortium Agreement

Once their project has been selected, project partners of each consortium funded under the EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call will sign a Consortium Agreement, listing the rights and reponsabilities of each project parter, no later than six months after the official project start date.

The Consortium Agreement should cover specific Intellectual Property Rights issues such as access to background, dissemination, ownership of foreground, etc. and any other issues that might require special clauses.

Scientific and technological outcomes and any other information derived from the collaborative activities funded in this call can be announced, published or commercially exploited with the agreement of all partners in a funded project and according to the national/regional regulations as well as international agreements concerning intellectual property rights.


Project Reporting

The principal project leaders of the funded projects will be requested to send an interim reports (after one and half years of funding) as well as final reports (after three years of funding) to the Joint Call Secretariat. The reports should highlight the main results and outputs of the projects and any problems that have arisen and how they have been solved. Report templates will be prepared to ensure the comparability of information.

Additional reporting to the individual national/regional funding institutions may also be necessary depending on national/regional regulations.

In case of any significant changes in the work program or the consortium composition, the principal project leader must inform the Joint Call Secretariat, who will inform the relvant funding organisations, who will decide upon the proper action to be taken.