9th Joint Call: Announcement of Selected Projects

, by EIG CONCERT-Japan

(c) Emma BREMOND / SPCMIB / CNRS Photothèque

It is our great pleasure to announce the selected projects of the EIG CONCERT-Japan 9th Call for Projects in the field of “Design of Materials with Atomic Precision”.

After careful consideration at the joint scientific committee meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, 14 November 2022, the following 6 projects were selected for funding by the program consortium:

1) Atomic-level control of AlGaN hetero-interfaces for deep-UV LED (AtLv-AIGaN)

Led by Prof. Yoshihiro Kangawa, Kyushu University (Japan)
and including Prof. Vesselin Tonchev, Sofia University (Bulgaria),
Dr. Hristina Popova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria),
Dr. Pawel Kempisty, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland),
Prof. Magdalena Zaluska-Kotur, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland),
and Prof. Hideto Miyake, Mie University (Japan)

2) Design and Control of Single Molecule Junctions (DECOSMOL)

Led by Dr. Hector Vazquez, Fyzikalni Ustav (Czech Republic)
and including Prof. Shintaro Fujii, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan),
Dr. Teresa Gonzalez, Fundacion Imdea Nanociencia (Spain)

3) Epoch-making ferroic fluids based multi-functional materials (FerroFluid)

Led by Dr. Fumito Araoka, RIKEN (Japan)
and including Dr. Magdalena Majewska, University of Warsaw (Poland),
Dr. Peter Salamon, Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Hungary),
and Dr. Vladimira Novotna, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

4) Machine-learning-driven bottom-up design of atomically-layered heterostructures for green H2 production (MLALH)

Led by Dr. José Julio Gutiérre Moreno, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain)
and including Dr. Mohammad Hussein Naseef Al Assadi, RIKEN (Japan),
Dr. Esmaeil Doust Khah Heragh, Koç University (Turkey),
Prof. Marco Fronzi, Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan),
and Prof. Paolo Mele, Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan)

5) Precise Control of Nanoporous Materials in Multi-dimensional Morphology (PCoN-M3)

Led by Prof. Jirí Cejka, Charles University (Czech Republic),
and including Prof. Tatsuya Okubo, University of Tokyo (Japan),
and Prof. David Pedro Serrano Granados, IMDEA Energy Institute (Spain)

6) Phonon engineering in precisely assembled atomically thin layers (PETITE)

Led by Dr. Marianna Sledzinska, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Spain),
and including Dr. Graczikowski Bartlomiej, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland),
and Prof. Masahiro Nomura, University of Tokyo (Japan)

On behalf of the EIG CONCERT-Japan consortium, we would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to the project teams, and look forward to the significant impact their results will bring to the material sciences technologies landscape of the future.